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Next-Gen Security

When setting up an infrastructure for Artificial Intelligence, getting AI up and running will often be the primary concern for an organization. However, making AI function correctly without addressing the security needs of the infrastructure could have devastating consequences down the line. Effective security measures should be implemented to ensure proper functioning of AI devices.

IARM’s security measures for Artificial Intelligence: We have invested in a wide range of technologies and methods to not only ensure preparedness in case of a security breach but also mount a structured response to mitigate the threat as quickly as possible.

AI Penetration testing: Differentiating from web application penetration testing, we have a unique offering for AI products and scenario-based security testing on Artificial intelligence using different tools and techniques which will find vulnerabilities that an attacker could possibly exploit.

Code Review: We have worked with the organization from the architecture stage itself and every stage of SDLC. The security practices that are best to configure before or as you set up your AI, is to do the in-depth code review or review the pattern matching and to make sure the infrastructure of AI product or application is protected from the very beginning.

Continuous monitoring: We continue to monitor and review the AI decision making, find out if it is malicious or not, track down those decisions and check for its validity and accuracy, and also check whether the decision is taken by any other individual. This helps to protect AI from an increasing number of sophisticated cyber threats.

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